Book Review: PostgreSQL Replication

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So for my series of System Engineering books, I will proceed with a short review of PostgreSQL Replication by Packt. The reason this book came to be a part of my collection is that while there is a lot of information regarding PostgreSQL replication out there, a lot of it is out of date, given the overhaul of the replication system in PostgreSQL 9.X. Without further ado, here is the list of contents of the book. Understanding Replication Concepts Understanding the PostgreSQL Transaction Log Understanding Point-In-Time Recovery Setting up asynchronous replication Setting up synchronous replication Monitoring your setup Understanding Linux High-Availability Working with pgbouncer Working with PgPool Configuring Slony Using Skytools Working with Postgres-XC Scaling with PL/Proxy The book gets straight into business with an introduction of replication concepts, and…
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