Rediscovery and Security News

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First things first: Happy 2012 everyone. So, this blog has been silent for a little while now. More astute readers might argue along the lines of "hey man! This is supposed to be a technical blog - where are all them technical articles? Have you ran out of material?". Take a deep breath, the dreaded, almost compulsory metablogging block after a long pause is coming ... The answer is a big NO! There is an abundance of material that I am proud of BUT a lot of this research has been done while solving problems for paying clients. The problem can be refined as "how do you tip-tap-toe around NDAs and do you choose to do so?". Smart money says not to do it, so I am not. Keep this…
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Some random thoughts on Greek startups

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[The article below is somewhat of a rant, read it at your own peril and yes I know this is not the proper way to resume blogging after months and months of inactivity] So it seems that the Greek IT market lately has seen an influx of "startups". Their implied cause appears to be quite a noble one, "be not what is traditionally associated with the words "Greek IT" (or "get-rich-quick-or-die-trying" for the more pragmatic amongst you). However, the whole thing reeks of the "Johnny-come-lately" syndrome, at least for me. Below is a partial list of my pet-peeves: 1) i-somethings will NOT make you a millionaire. Sure, there are more than enough success stories doing the rounds but the whole market is rather hit-n-miss, with the miss part taking the…
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The trouble with OSSIM

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If you fiddle with MSSP, then you will most likely have heard of OSSIM. While the software itself appears quite powerful, it lacks in the MOST critical aspect of all: there is little if any documentation. Most of it is outdated and sources of information include a forum and a blog/tweeter feed. Come on OSSIM guys, you have the ball rolling, now you have to make it a nightmare for us to use the (otherwise quite good) product? To their defense, they have an open job posting about writing documentation but looks like there are no takers.
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