Book Review: The Practice Of Cloud System Administration Volume 2 – Designing And Operating Large Distributed Systems

Book Review
Hello everyone with another book review. This time, I will be reviewing a book that I consider a classic. As always, let's start with the list of contents: Part I Design: Building it Designing in a distributed world Designing for Operations Selecting a Service Platform Application Architectures Design Patterns for Scaling Design Patterns for Resiliency Part II Operations: Running it Operations in a Distributed World DevOps Culture Service Delivery: The Build Phase Service Delivery: The Deployment Phase Upgrading Live Services Automation Design Documents Oncall Disaster Preparedness Monitoring Fundamentals Monitoring Architecture and Practice Capacity Planning Creating KPIs Operational Excellence Part III Appendices Assessments The Origins and Future of Distributed Computing and Clouds Scaling Terminology and Concepts Templates and Examples Recommended Reading   overall a bit over 500 beautifully printed pages (as…
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