P For Paranoia OR a quick way of overwriting a partition with random-like data

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(General Surgeon's warning: The following post contains doses of paranoia which might exceed your recommended daily dosage. Fnord!). A lot of the data sanitisation literature around advises overwriting partitions with random data (btw, SANS Institute research claims that even a pass with /dev/zero is enough to stop MFM but YPMV). So leaving Guttman-like techniques aside, in practice, generation of random data will take a long time in your average system which does not contain a cryptographic accelerator. In order to speed up things, /dev/urandom can be used in lieu of /dev/random, noting that when read, the non-blocking /dev/urandom device will return as many bytes as are requested, even if the entropy pool is depleted . As a result, the result stream is not as cryptographically sound as /dev/random but is…
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